The Walking Dead is AMC’s breadwinner, always competing for bread and being given that carb-filled crown. It’s already been renewed for a sixth season, despite the fact that the fifth season hasn’t even aired yet. It is an unstoppable monster, whose success defies conventional logic. Except it doesn’t, because people love violence and brains splattering all over the place, and that makes up about 75% of The Walking Dead.

The fifth season is the second with Scott Gimple at the helm, and he seems to have a definite idea of where he wants to go. Gimple dedicated a good chunk of season 4 to rounding out and developing these characters a bit more. The results were mixed, and the show is apparently giving up on that approach in favor of even more action.

It’s probably for the best. Straight drama isn’t The Walking Dead’s strong suit. Perhaps they simply need more explosions. There’s plenty of heads exploding, but not enough randomly placed oil tankers. Explosions make everything better.

When last we left our miserable crew, they were in the clutches of a group of cannib-errr, people who are up to no good. No, they’re not necessarily cannibals, besides everything that the TWD pointed to saying that they’re cannibals. Ignore that “To Serve Man” cookbook that their leader is reading. Rick and company are just being held on an empty train car for…reasons. Sure.

What do we know about season 5? It’s fair to assume that most of Rick’s crew will make it out of the cannibal camp. Who will make it out? Well, that’s to be determined. The gang will be road tripping to drop Mulletis Prime off in Washington D.C. Expect hijinks. Lots of hijinks. Perhaps some Three’s Company-type mixups involving Daryl, Carl’s container of chocolate pudding, and a zombie in a Green Bay Packers cheesehead hat. Maybe we’ll get to see the road tripping adventures of Beth (remember her!?) and the guy driving the hearse. Who needs a radio when you have Beth around to sing! Human radio you guys. Human radio.

One addition to the cast this year is The Wire’s Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel. Gilliam should be a good fit for Father Gabriel. His comics counterpart has had to make some compromises in his time and struggles with that, just like just about everyone on The Wire.

Father Gabriel is another addition straight from the comics, just like last season’s additions of Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita. This trio clashed from the beginning. They were presented like comics characters brought to life, in the worst possible way. The hope for this season is that the show can make them feel like remotely real people. Eugene needs to get to Washington. It’s going to be a long, tedious journey if the people behind The Walking Dead can’t make the audience give a damn about him and his goal.


‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12th at 9pm