Welcome to This Awesome Week, a look back at the week that was.

Instagram girl of the week

This week’s Instagram girl of the week is pro surfer Anastasia Ashley. You can give her a follow here.

Weekly recap

Instead of a history lesson, this week, i’m doing a quick rundown of significant events or ones I think are significant.

Wrestlemania 30 happened and the Undertaker’s streak is over and the Yes! era of Daniel Bryan as champion has begun: [IGN.com]

Mickey Rooney and the Ultimate Warrior both died: [The Interrobang.com] [MiamiHerald.com]

UConn won both the men’s and women’s basketball championship: [CBSSports.com] [Forbes.com] [ESPN.com]

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction was last night and it was weird: [EW.com] [Sky.com]

Music, apps, music and fun

Android apps of the week: [Androidcentral.com]

iOS apps of the week: [Appsaga.com]

All OSes: [Gizmodo.co.uk]

Check out Doom Abuse’s new album The Faint: [Amazon.com]

This week’s viral video might be a Jimmy Kimmel put on or dead serious,but it’s worth a watch either way: [Youtube.com]

That’s all for this week, check us out next Friday to see what you missed.