Welcome to This Awesome Week, a look back at the week that was.

Top News

Russia and Ukraine continue to have issues with each other: [Kyivpost.com] [Foxnews.com] [CBSnews.com]

The search for MH370 continues: [BBC.com] [CNN.com] [CBSnews.com]

At long last, Microsoft has released Office for the iPad: [CNBC.com] [PCWorld.com]

March Madness continues into the Sweet 16: [ESPN.com] [NBCSports.com]

This week in history

March 28-

  • 1930 – Turkey changed the name of its largest city Constantinople to Istanbul.
  • 1979 – A partial core meltdown of the Three Mile Island Nuclear power plant near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, resulted in the release of an estimated 43,000 curies of radioactive krypton to the environment.

Music, apps and fun

It came out last week, but check out the new Foster the People: [Amazon.com]

Apps of the week: [Gizmodo.com]

HTC released the new HTC One and man is it pretty: [Gizmodo.com] [Engadget.com]

That’s all for this week, check us out next Friday to see what you missed.