Welcome to This Awesome Week, a look back at the week that was.

Malaysian plane still missing

It’s been 6 days and no sign of the Boeing 777 has been found yet: [USAToday] [ABCNews] [MiamiHerald.com]

Crimea crisis escalating

John Kerry has flown to London to try and help resolve the issue between Russia and Ukraine: [NYTimes.com] [Time.com]

This week in history

March 10th, 1963-Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam and Rick Rubin are born

March 10th, 1984-Olivia Wilde is born

March 13th, 2013– Pope Francis is elected in the papal conclave to succeed Pope Benedict XVI.

ICYMI news

NFL free agency has started and the money is flowing:[NFL.com] [USAToday.com]

SXSW is in full swing, with all kinds of craziness, good and bad, going on:[EW.com] [CNN.com]

Music, apps and fun

Apps of the week for your OS of choice: [Gizmodo.com]

President Obama was on “Between the Ferns”:[Untiedmag.com-Marcello De Feo]

You can pre-order a new Johnny Cash album:[Amazon.com]

Puddles the Clown rules:[Youtube.com]

That’s all for this week, check us out next Friday to see what you missed.