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Instagram girl of the week

This week’s girl is actress Leven Rambin, who you might recognize from The Hunger Games or The Tomorrow People. Give her a follow on Instagram here.

This week in history

April 30,1945- Adolf Hitler commits suicide in his bunker in Berlin, Germany as Allied forces close in.

April 30, 1975- Saigon falls and the South Vietnamese unconditionally surrender, ending the Vietnam War.

I happen to be born that same day.

In the news

Noted racist and old rich dude Donald Sterling has cancer. Strange how things work out sometimes: [ABCNews.com] [LATimes.com]

The NBA playoffs are underway: [NBA.com] [ESPN.com]

So are the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Flyers are out and I am sad. [NHL.com] [ESPN.com]

Rob Ford. Do I need to say anymore? [TheStar.com]

Music, apps and fun

Best Android apps of the week: [TheGuardian.com]

Best iOS apps of the week: [Betanews.com]

Best Windows 8 apps of the week: [WPCentral.com]

The Pixies have a new album out! Go buy it! It’s the Pixies damn it! [Amazon.com]

Viral videos of the week: [CBSLocal.com]

That’s all for this week, check us out next Friday to see what you missed.