As I sat down to watch another dreadful game of the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers playoff series, I decided to make some delicious nachos. Nachos do make everything better, it’s a scientific fact. I opened up a bag of Mission tortilla chips and poured some on to a plate. As I grabbed a handful more, I noticed something unusual. Something solid and decidedly unchiplike. I pulled it out of the bag and discovered this monstrosity.

The tortilla creature was so horrifying that my iPhone camera apparently couldn’t even focus on it properly. Where was it from? How did it get into a bag of tortilla chips? Is it sentient?

The best and most accurate comparison came from Flyrfn144 on Twitter:


Indeed, this beast did look like the chestburster from Alien. I half expected it to start dancing across the counter while singing Hello My Baby.

Next time you sit down for a plate of delicious nachos, watch out. The tortilla creature could be waiting for you in your bag of chips, grinning and waiting to strike.