Before checking out the second episode of True Detective’s second season, “Night Finds You”, I took another look at the premiere. I didn’t particularly care for it the first time around, what with its ultra-manliness and ridiculous dialogue. Looking at it a second time, however, and knowing what to expect, I actually enjoyed it a lot more. The over-the-top characterizations and testosterone are clearly intentional.

In fact, it becomes more and more apparent as “Night Finds You” went on that Ray Velcoro exists as commentary on this noir type that Nic Pizzolatto loves to write. As Velcoro rides around with Ani Bezzerides (henceforth known as the Beezer, or Beezy), he starts spouting these Rust Cohle-isms. It feels like an attempt to rekindle the oil and water chemistry between Cohle and Marty Hart in the first season of True Detective.

But really, True Detective was just frontin’. You think you know what’s going on? Did you think that Beezer and Velcro and Tim Riggins will grow to grudgingly respect one another and combine their mighty noir forces to take down this mystery killer? Or maybe Ray would get a chance to redeem himself for all the shitty things he’s done since he was a fresh-faced sheriff? Noooooope, because Ray Velcoro is DEAD. This isn’t an ambiguous Jon Snow situation with mystical forces and shit. Ray Velociraptoro took two shotgun blasts from Crow-faced Killa. There’s no coming back from that.

Thusly, Colin Farrell goes the way of Sean Bean in Game of Thrones and Drew Barrymore in Scream (h/t to Eyeball for that one). I really did think he was going the distance, between the importance placed on his backstory. His history with mobster turned businessman turned mobster Frank Semyon made it seem like he would be a key cog as the show moved further and further into seedy SoCal. You got me good, True Detective.

The second episode is a more effective pilot than the backstory heavy first. Am I sold on the second season yet? I’m getting there. It takes big cojones for a show to be willing to pull the trigger on a major player like Colin Farrell. Like the new intro sequence, though, it’s not totally clicking yet. Vince Vaughn needs more time to slime. McAdams needs a little material that hasn’t been boiled thrice over. There is a guy wearing a crow’s head who is melting eyeballs and blasting people into oblivion with a shotgun. That’s something I can get behind.


Blah Blah Blah

  • This piece on Birth.Movies.Death. also helped sway me to the current iteration of True Detective, more specifically helping me realize just how intentional the over-the-top testosterone really is. Brass knuckles!
  • Nearly on the list of major actor cast in a project just to be killed off was Michael Keaton, who was originally supposed to play Jack in the pilot (and only the pilot) for Lost.
  • Those sure are some daddy issues for Semyon. I kept thinking of Tyrion’s beetle smashing cousin on Game of Thrones.
  • Yes, Beezy is totally well-adjusted. Just fine. ***Ani sticks a knife into a bottle of rubbing alcohol and shotguns it***
  • Paul’s life is terrible. I got a little Darmody vibe (from Boardwalk Empire) from his mom and her constant prodding to stay the night. Ewwwwwwwww.
  • UPDATE 2:15pm Oh man, I forgot to mention Velcoro’s e-cigarette rant. “It felt like I was sucking on a robot dick.” Damn Ray, I’ll miss your wisdom about robo-penises and violent familial beheading rape.