Hi, I’m blogger Marcello De Feo! You might remember me from such websites as Flyers Faithful, Phillies Faithful, and Eagles Faithful.

Well, after moving on from the sports blogging scene, I have assembled a pretty awesome group of diverse writers who will be contributing to this new venture, Untied.

The purpose of this site is to appeal to things that are of interest to men that we feel are lacking on this here series of tubes.

Do you like comic books? Sneakers? Snapbacks? Indie video games or board games? How about affordable fashion? How about well written editorials and columns you have come to expect from sites like The Atlantic? We’ll have it. We will even have columns on wrestling. Sure, we’ll probably have some cleavage sprinkled in there too but our goal is to appeal to the things that you like because, well, we like them too.

Over the next few weeks, we will begin accumulating content as part of our soft launch. As we settle into a groove and work out any potential kinks, we will officially launch. In the meantime, feel free to provide us with any feedback and, if you are interested in joining us, just drop us a line.