You’ve undoubtedly by now been told by every single person you’ve ever known on FaceBook that you should “NEVER DRINK THE MCDONALDS SHAMROCK SHAKE” because it’s so bad for you. It’s so bad that when you drink it, you immediately catch CANCER, and not just any kind of CANCER but the kind of CANCER that everyone else can catch just by knowing you!

Let’s all take a deep breath for a second. Ok, are we all good now? This shake that has been known to “KILL” comes out once a year and every year we have to see some new health genius post about how bad it is for you and how it will make your ADHD burn really bad.


Has anyone ever heard of a cheat meal? I know about 75% of the people telling the entire Facebook world has and they live it every day. I know that if I went to their homes just after they shared how TERRIFYINGLY BAD it is to your HEALTH and looked through their refrigerator, OR looked at the receipts of all the places they ate at that week, they wouldn’t be so squeaky clean either. Hell some of these people warning others about the DANGER of drinking these drink alcohol, and some of them even DRIVE after drinking. But….the shake!

The point of this isn’t just to bash people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking one of these. One. Is it bad for you? Sure is. So is eating peanut butter in excess, pizza, alcohol, etc. That’s in excess though. If you drank the shake every day, or got wasted routinely, ate pizza, and drank soda all day, every day (for the record, there are more bad things out there than beer, soda, and pizza) then yeah, you’ll probably have bad things happen to you. Things like type II diabetes, ADHD, and the like start becoming realities.


Here is Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock. Picture on the left was just after he had a shamrock shake. IM KIDDING! Ok…thats not funny!

That’s an example of his cheat meal. I’m not saying go THAT far, but this is an example, you CAN have a cheat meal without dying. Don’t be that person that says “I don’t have cheat meals, I’m strict with my regimen!” 1. Because nobody is gonna like you 2. That’s kind of weird and 3. If you don’t have any room for a mistake or a cheat meal in your diet, then everything you’re doing is wrong. 4. Unless you’re an athlete making millions of dollars or a fitness competitor then ok… but they have cheat meals too.

So todays lesson.

Stop telling people to stay away from stuff like that. All you’re doing is making them want it more. Unless you’re trying to explain the benefits of what can happen when you ditch soda for something like water to someone who really doesn’t know and is looking for advice… stop. Unless you’re willing to have me go through your fridge and receipts, then don’t tell others what they’re doing is wrong. People already know some of the bad stuff they’re eating is wrong. They don’t need to be constantly reminded with unsolicited advice. Don’t be afraid to have a cheat meal every now and then. Hell, I’m a trainer and I like craft beer, pizza on Fridays, and Reese’s Pieces. A good rule to live by is keeping your eating clean six days a week and then allowing a cheat meal.  It’s not about deprivation, the key is moderation.