When Tim Cook steps on stage at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts on September 9, he will likely share the expected news of the iPhone 6, which will come in two bigger form factors, and the long-rumored iWatch.

Wearable technology and bigger phones always seemed kind of like superfluous upgrades but, as a recent Fitbit convert, the iWatch does seem slightly more appealing now.

That being said, it would be nice to see enhancements to preexisting pieces over the fleeting glitz and glamour of a new shiny toy. Here is a list of improvements I would like to see with iOS 8 and OS X 10.10:

Better Social Media Integration

Apple has done a decent job at integrating Facebook and Twitter into various nooks and crannies of OS X but there’s so much more it could do. It would be great to be able to push content to sites like Instagram and Pinterest through iPhoto and the Notification Center. There is virtually no way to add content to Instagram through your Mac. This would be a huge push forward that would be incredibly helpful for social media enthusiasts, PR firms, and small businesses.

Improved iCloud Security

Let’s just throw this one out there for anyone who has taken a nude selfie before.

A Useful Dashboard

The OS X Dashboard is fairly novel but serves no real purpose. It would be terrific to make it into a more powerful, desktop version of Panic’s Status Board or Cyfe that gave users incredibly helpful monitoring and analytics tools.

Control Center Shortcuts

The iOS Control Center is a terrific utility but lacks customizability. There is no need to have a camera button in the bottom right when there are so many other easy ways to access the camera. So, why not allow users to swap in their own preferred app shortcuts?

Desktop and Phone Integration 

There are some decent apps, like Connect, that pair with your iPhone and allow you to make and receive calls from OS X. It appears this feature will be baked into Yosemite. *fingers crossed*

Upgrade Disk Utility

The Disk Utility app gets the job done but leaves much to be desired. Apple could easily bring the app up to speed by purchasing DaisyDisk and merging it with Disk Utility.

Smart Archiving in Mail and iPhoto

The Mail and iPhoto apps can get really slow if you have too many emails or pictures. It would be nice if Apple could improve performance on the app by compressing and archiving older pieces of content while still making them searchable (perhaps through a secondary search option).

AppleCare Express Lane 

AppleCare is one of the products that keeps me tethered to Apple devices. It is a great piece of protection on a potentially expensive investment. However, dealing with the Genius Bar can be a bit of a hassle. The people there are friendly and as helpful as they can be but that does not mean the ten people waiting in line in front of you will not make your experience of getting to your appointment a living hell. This wish may not be entirely software based — although I do have some software ideas for it — but it would be great if I could just drop my computer off if it needed repair in a quick and simple fashion instead of waiting 30 minutes for the grandparent in front of me ask the Apple employees a million inane questions.

Payment Gateway

Apple is rumored to be planning a digital wallet that will take advantage of NFC (near field communications) to make payments. On the flip side of the coin, Apple should consider — if the company has not done so already — creating a payment gateway and credit card reader. iTunes accounts are ubiquitous. Apple could easily generate significantly more revenue by tapping into that user base and producing a credit card reader like Square or PayPal Here that merchants could use on their iOS and OS X devices.