Match time:
Tuesday July 8th, 2014 (4 p.m. EST)

There are four teams left in the World Cup. Four powerhouses of world football: Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and the Netherlands. Today, I am going to cover the match between Germany and Brazil. I have covered both teams in previous posts: Germany here and Brazil here.

How they got here:
Group record: 2 wins and a draw.
Round of 16: 3 – 2 penalty kick win over Chile.
Quarterfinals: 2 – 1 win over Columbia.

Group record: 2 wins and a draw.
Round of 16: 2 – 1 extra time win over Algeria.
Quarterfinals: 1 – 0 win over France.

Both teams have played well coming into this match, but there have been moments where their dominance was not secure. Brazil needed penalties to beat a tough Chile, and Germany needed an extra 30 minutes to take out Algeria. Regardless of those performances, Brazil and Germany are facing off for a chance to appear in the finals. This will be a matchup of the technical German soccer skill versus the flowing Brazilian soccer artistry.

Germany is healthy for this match and have had a relatively healthy tournament. Shkodran Mustafi suffered a thigh injury but was not expected to be in the starting eleven. Brazil is a different story. Neymar suffered a terrible injury in the last 10 minutes of the Columbia match:

He suffered 2 broken vertebrae, and depending on the outcome of the diagnosis, he may never be the same player again. This is a big blow to the Brazilians, as they relied on Neymar to be the creator and inspiration for the attack. His replacement will most likely be Willian, who plays at Chelsea, but he is a different player and may not be able to create the chances that Neymar can. Add this to the incredibly stupid yellow card that Thiago Silva picked up on this play. Since this was his second yellow card in his second straight game, he is forced to sit out the semi-final. This is a big loss, as he is the captain and defensive leader of the team. To look at the positive side, his replacement will most likely be Dante, who plays at Bayern Munich with the majority of the German attack.


The fact that Brazil is playing in front of a home crowd may make up for the fact that they are missing their emotional leader and their defensive captain. However, I am not so sure that they can beat the Germans this time around. This German team has made it to this stage in the last three major tournaments and I think that they will overcome.t

Germany 2 – 1