Four Walls and a Roof had some sweet, some sad, and some brutal moments as The Walking Dead moves along with its fifth season.

Everyone’s going to be writing about the life and death of Bob the drunk this week: a somewhat interesting, short lived character that will probably be inspiring a hoard of “Where’s Wallace” parody memes (you’ll find that steady gig someday Larry Gilliard Jr.). Bob might be dead, but he sure did live in his run of just over a season on TWD. He got a man killed while going for a bottle of booze. He got to be gagged up with original cast members Rick, Daryl, and Glenn in Terminus over the execution trough. He even got the rare romantic storyline, hooking up with Sasha and getting in on some grade A hand holding.

Bob got a fairly pleasant death by Walking Dead terms, passing away comfortably on a couch due to a zombie bite. Sure, he was minus a leg due to the hungry Termites, but what can ya do? Bob got to smile as he passed on to the great beyond, unlike Gareth.

Yup, Gareth is now gone. Just like last season’s cup of tea with Joe (perpetual TV “that guy” Jeff Kober), Gareth was set up as a long term pain in the rear villain just to bite the big one fairly soon. Rick yet again learned that you can’t let a threat linger. Gareth probably should have found someone else to pick on for a meal, but you know the old Klingon saying: Revenge is a dish best served medium over a campfire while you eat it in front of the guy you carved it from.

There was a strange beat in Four Walls and a Roof with Rick and Abraham. There was that whole big scene last week where Abraham talked Rick into coming to Washington with him, tied up shirt lady, and Dr. Mullet, M.D. It was a nice little moment where Rick got to act cute with his baby girl and we all momentarily felt like we were watching the apocalyptic Full House. So this week we got to see Abraham piss his pants when trouble came a-knockin’. ZOINKS SCOOB, THE C-C-C-CANNIBALS ARE BACK!

I guess we needed some internal strife and a reason to split the group up again, even if it’s pretty dumb and counters what we saw last week. Abraham is the big strong military guy. Wouldn’t he want to eliminate any threat to his mission? Nope, let’s go gang! Not only is he about to run at the first sign of trouble, but he also wants to leave two of the best zombie killers around. Hmmm, Daryl can kill like 200 zombies without making a sound, guess we don’t need him.

Speaking of Daryl, it looks like he caught up with HEARSE-shel Walker (I am so so so sorry) and shit went down. But what happened? Guess we’ll have to find out next week in a Beth-centric episode. Maybe it will be a musical.


Blah blah blah

  • Michonne has been reunited with her sword and all is well.
  • I was glad to see the show did in fact go with Dale’s “tainted meat” scene. It’s one of my favorites from the comic. Gilliard had some fun with that one.
  • Seth Gilliam did pretty well with Father Gabriel’s confession, albeit a litttle bit hammy.
  • Ok, Walking Dead characters as Full House characters:
    • Rick – Danny Tanner
    • Daryl – Uncle Jesse
    • Shane – Uncle Joey (wait what?)
    • Carl – D.J. Tanner
    • Beth – Stephanie Tanner
    • Carol – Aunt Becky
    • Judith – Michelle Tanner
    • Sophia – Kimmy Gibbler
  • Awww jeez, the baby went and cried at just the wrong time, game over man!
  • Did Rick’s plan make any sense? I’m not sure I understood why he’d let Gareth and the Termites even get that close to his children. At least it made some television suspense.
  • Where do you guys rank Gareth in the pantheon of Walking Dead villains? He overacted the least of the bunch, so he’s got that going for him.