As soon as I saw that this episode was titled “Thank You”, all I could think about was The Golden Girls theme.


Thank you for eating my friend,

Guts strewn up the road and back again,

Your heart is goo, you’re a pal and not quite dead


With that out of the way, let’s check in on Rick’s worst plan yet!


Grimes on the Run

While Papa Grimes has had some clunkers in the past, zombie herd looks to be the worst yet. Wouldn’t they have been better off throwing a bunch of molotov cocktails down into the pit while keeping the walkers contained? Or maybe throwing a few more trucks on top of them? There has to have been a better way to have handled the zombie quarry than leading them out and about. Leslie Knope would have had this shit handled properly.

That dang truck horn is screwing things to high hell, forcing the gang to break up. Michonne, Glenn, Heath, Squirrelly Larry and some random red shirts Alexandrians just have to make it back to the safe zone. Rick is in charge of running for three quarters of the episode before reaching some winnebago as he tries to keep the whole thing from falling apart.

The Wolves that Morgan let go last week tried to ambush Rick in his new wheels. We all know how that ends. Old Grimey kicked their asses in his usual style. One problem, the winnebago is dead! Aw shucks, and there’s a whole bunch of zombies zeroing in on his location. He’s right back in the tank from the pilot.


Safe Space

Meanwhile the race for the safe zone is severely hampered by the hilariously inept Alexandrians. Everything that can go wrong with these dummies does go wrong. Rick warns Glenn and Michonne not to let these doofuses slow them down. Glenn’s heart just isn’t that hard. He’s too nice and noble for his own good. It’s why people love Glenn.

It also proved to be the death of Glenn. Yeah, this was the end for him. And it’s all because he put faith in the man I like to call Squirrelly Larry.

Nicholas secured his legacy as the worst character ever by not only selfishly using his last bullet on himself, but somehow also managed to use his corpse to secure a painful death for Glenn as well. I guess you can say he killed two birds with one stone. Is that really how Glenn went out? That sucks! Nicholas stunk. Glenn should have been taken out by a mastermind or making some epic sacrifice. Instead, he gets a grisly end from an entire army of the undead.

Ultimately, the only survivors of the salvation run are Michonne, Heath, and red shirt # 3. They couldn’t kill Michonne, she chops zombie heads off with a katana. That’s simply too cool to get rid of. But a good moral man who placed his trust in the wrong guy? Yooooooou’re outta here!


On The Other Bloody Hand

That said, there’s already speculation online that Glenn isn’t quite dead. It is true that his death scene was filmed from an angle where we can’t see that it’s necessarily him being eaten. That’s just Nicky Spaz Boy’s guts and blood being strewn about him.

Riddle me this, how does Glenn get out of that situation? Do the zombies just stop munching down on all that delicious live food because a little blood was spilled on it? I remember the old covered in walker blood camouflage trick from season 1. I’m not sure how that applies here. It seems ridiculous, even for this show, that Glenn would make it out of that situation with his intestines intact. Guess we’ll find out sometime in the next month.


Very Spoilery Comics Discussion

Obviously a section marked comics discussion is going to have some big old Walking Dead comics spoilers. So stop reading here if you want to avoid that!

Anyway, Glenn’s comics death is among the most infamous of the entire series. I did not expect him to go out at this point in the show in the way that he did (if in fact he is dead). We know that Negan is coming to television at some point. He’ll probably make the same first bat-shaped impression that he did in the comic. If Glenn is truly gone, who gets a taste of old Lucille? The odds are probably on Darryl, considering his fan favorite badass status. Still, maybe Abraham could fit into that slot? I’m feeling a little sick just thinking about it.