Last year’s SummerSlam was WWE’s show of the year. It had my favorite moment of 2013. Anyone who was with my in my apartment in Parts Unknown watching along could tell you how much I marked out when Daniel Bryan won the WWE Title. They can also tell you how distraught I was when he dropped the belt seconds later.

I expect that full range of emotion again this year. Hopefully, it’ll be just a little more spread out.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWEWHC title

The build up for this match is that Lesnar is unstoppable and Cena should be afraid of Lesnar. That’s nice and all, but Cena won the last time they faced each other. What’s different now? It’s not an extreme rules match? Does that help Lesnar? Did Lesnar really need the confidence booster of breaking Undertaker’s unbeaten Wrestlemania streak? Build up to Cena’s matches always go like this, and Cena always ends up winning.

All that said, I really don’t know who is going to win here. Of course Cena should always be the favorite, but Paul Heyman’s client, BAHROCK LESSNERRRR beat the freakin’ Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He’s implicitly got the authority’s backing, and there is always the threat of Seth Rollins looming in the shadows.

Their match at Extreme Rules 2012 was surprisingly good. I have higher expectations for this match, and I think it will live up to them.

Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon

If you are to believe the leaked sheet with match times on it making its rounds around the Internet, this match is getting substantial minutes, and is getting even more time than the Diva’s title match. Obviously, the sheet could be a fake, and really, WWE has been known to change things up last minute, so this match could be shorter. However, a few weeks ago, when it was obvious that this is where this storyline was headed, I couldn’t wait to see this match. Now, I just want the match to be over so this horrible angle will end.

Brie is doing herself no favors with her still acting, and I don’t believe Daniel Bryan is the type of guy to cheat on his taxes, let alone his wife. Plus this whole thing reeks of that horrible Claire Lynch angle from TNA. WWE is better than copying bad angles from other promotions. They are perfectly able of coming up with their own. At least in TNA we got great matches with AJ Styles and Bad Influence. Let’s hope Brie vs Steph delivers.

Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho

The rest of the Wyatt clan is banned from ringside for this match. Let’s see how long that stipulation holds up. This match should be good on paper. Jericho has no problems putting young talent over, and Bray Wyatt needs no help to get himself over. This will be the dark horse match of the night.

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev in a flag match

I’m not sure what a flag match is, and I think I’d rather this be an “I quit” match. Hopefully that will be reserved for Night of Champions, because these guys are great together in the ring, and I don’t see much else going on with either of their characters outside of this feud. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Good hoss fights can be hard to come by.

AJ Lee vs. Paige for the Diva’s title

With friends like these, who needs enemies?
With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Frenemies clash for the Diva’s title in what promises to be a classic diva’s match. Much Paige’s match with Emma, this can open a lot of people’s eyes to women’s wrestling in the WWE if they just let the two women go. I mentioned earlier this match is rumored to have less time than the other women’s match. WWE isn’t doing themselves any favors by downplaying their title and relegating this match to “the other women’s match” on the summer super card. These are arguably the best two women workers on their roster, and they deserve the spotlight.

Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental title
I’m lumping these two matches together because they are similar. They both feature heels that are really hitting their stride and can put on great matches when they feel like it and faces who have had a push coming to them for a little while. Both of these matches could be great, it just depends on how motivated the Miz and Orton are to put on a good match.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins in a lumberjack match

A lot has been written about the stipulation for this match. I agree, it doesn’t make sense. I don’t care. This isn’t going to be the last time these two guys cross paths, and they would be able to put on a good match even if the stip was “indie darling on a pole” match, so let’s just enjoy the ride.

Around the world

There have been many tweets claiming Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez and Rey Misterio are all AAA bound, and that Del Rio could even be at this Sunday’s Triplemanía, AAA’s biggest show of the year. A few people have been claiming this is all a work and that WWE is trying to secure AAA’s tape library for the WWE Network, but that makes no sense given the circumstances. If this was the case, they wouldn’t have Del Rio on opposite SummerSlam, and they certainly wouldn’t have AAA booker Konnan tweeting out inflammatory comments (no matter how true they might be).

This is an exciting time for AAA as they are trying to expand into the US market. They announced a working relationship with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling, and have a time slot coming up on Robert Rodriguez’s El Ray network.

Jarrett vs El Desperado feud confirmed?
Jarrett vs El Desperado feud confirmed?

Speaking of Jarrett, he joined the Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling at the G1 Climax finals. I don’t think I need to write any more about this. It ruined a perfectly good AJ Styles vs Hiroshi Tanahashi match. Hopefully it was just a one time thing to generate buzz.

Match of the Month

John Cena has overcome the odds before. Here is his mach with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012.