Unraveling the Fabric of Our World

Getting to Know Untied

Untied Magazine is a digital platform that brings together diverse aspects of contemporary life. Established on February 20, 2014, by Marcello De Feo and Steve Jacot, it serves as a space for readers interested in the crossroads of science, culture, sports, fashion, technology, food, drink, and various forms of entertainment, such as TV, music, and movies. Our emphasis is on distinctive and quality gear.

What We Offer

Our articles and features aim to resonate with a wide range of readers, but we’ve noticed a particular connection with those aged 25 and above. We strive to dive deep into subjects that matter to our audience, offering a blend of thorough insights and diverse viewpoints, especially when it comes to premium and boutique items. Our goal is to provide content that allows readers to gain a better understanding of the world of upscale gear and the associated lifestyle.

Our Return

After taking a pause on October 20, 2016, Untied Magazine made a comeback, aiming to offer content that reflects both our original vision and the changing times. While we’ve retained much from our initial phase, there were some hiccups during the transition, which led to losses in some content areas. Hence, you might notice the “Staff” byline on certain articles.

Acknowledging Our Team

Our content is shaped by a varied group of writers, researchers, and contributors, each adding their unique touch. Their contributions are the backbone of our magazine, particularly in the realm of quality gear and lifestyle. We’re always excited about the potential of their return and the fresh perspectives they bring.

Podcasts: A Closer Look at Unique Professions and Passions

Our podcast series, led by Marcello, Pete Nocito, and Jim Hasson, offers a deeper dive into the unique careers and passions people pursue. It’s not just about discussing gear but understanding the stories and inspirations behind those who use it.

Embracing Technology

We believe in using the best tools available. That’s why we’ve incorporated advanced AI capabilities for content and image generation, ensuring our stories maintain their authenticity. We also utilize open-source and royalty-free images to visually complement our content.

More Than Just a Magazine

Untied is not confined to the traditional magazine format. We see ourselves as a dynamic digital platform, offering clear and insightful perspectives on modern life and its accompanying gear.

Our Commitment

Transparency is crucial for us. Much of our revenue, especially from affiliate links and podcast sponsorships, is reinvested into the platform. We believe in being open about our operations and ensuring our readers are always in the loop.

Join the Journey

With Untied Magazine, you’re not just a reader; you’re part of a growing community. As you explore our content, each piece offers a new perspective, a fresh voice, and a unique story. We invite you to connect with us and delve into the fascinating world of premium gear.

Let’s Connect

Have questions or ideas? Our contact page is the place to reach out. We value open conversations and look forward to hearing from you. Dive into the world of Untied, where exploration meets culture. Feel free to follow us on social media, using the links below.